How to do Pivot Turn

This Enduro Technique can help you to do u-turn in small tight spots or help you go over logs.

How to do Pivot Turn – Enduro Technique

U-Turn Enduro Technique

You need compress front suspension and this is easy part if you do this with front brake + body to front. The next step is to pull back your handlebars and feather the clutch so the bike wont stall at this moment. Just dont get crazy here, because smoothness is key to make this trick. All what you will need do is small amount of throttle to dont stall the bike and feathering the clutch. And your body will do like 60% of this pivot turn enduro technique..

Enduro Pivot Turn

So if you watched my video i am sure you learned how to do pivot turn, if you haven’t and have any questions just please send me message over email and i will help you to learn this enduro techniques u-turn. I use my left foot to help stabilize the bike before compress the forks so i get more stable bike. It will be more easy for you over some time, just go outsider and try and try, just please don’t go crazy on throttle because you will easy crash..