How to get Best Grip in Enduro

Lucioli Inner Tubes is system with 7mm thick tube and with build in two rim locks.


Why choose this system?

It was finally time to change the tire with Lucioli Inner Tube and this is my experience how it went. I must say the tire replacement is difficult and complicated, maybe I need more experience with the technique of removal and installation of the tire with this system. I remember my first experience with tubliss it was also not so easy to change tires but now i got used and i can change tire with tubliss under 3 minutes.

The Problem with system

The only problem here is the second rim lock, which is difficult to remove from the wheel. It’s easy if you’re not careful and you use just levers and strength, but you can damage the system. And then you didn’t achieve anything, you can trow Lucioli Inner Tube in trash can. Installation is much easier than removing the system from the wheel. I think a better installation technique is needed and then there will be no problems and it will become much faster.

After testing with a hard tire I can say that I am very satisfied, the grip is very good and bike control is perfect. This time i used Metzeler Six Days with really hard compound, this tire is working amazing in this wet ground but on slippery rocks it has less grip on ground.