How To Improve Your Dirt Bike Confidence

The more you practice a certain technique, the more relaxed your body becomes.

How To Improve Your Dirt Bike Confidence

Good Enduro Technique

The secret to good results in enduro competition is the enduro technique. But if you don’t have self-confidence you don’t have the most important factor and the technique is worth nothing to you. In this video I will help you to raise your riding confidence to a higher level and explain the mistakes I made. And how i lowered my self-confidence when i was amateur in enduro riding. I must say that everything takes time, if you are looking to learn something quickly or to progress to better riding skills very fast. Then it happens that your self-confidence falls, because you will experience failure more times than you can handle.

Training with no Risk

The more you practice a certain technique, the more relaxed your body becomes. As you progress you will feel much happier and your self-confidence grows. I must say that safety is important, and if you are not sure that you can climb uphill or do any trick, do not even try. Because you just risk getting injured, you need remember enduro riding is just about having fun and smile on your face. The enduro is a very dangerous sport and injuries can be really big, so please take care of yourself. Don’t risk proving yourself to other riders, you have to stay in your safe zone while riding.

Of course, sometimes it is necessary to go out and try new stuff, but do not do it if you do not feel safe and you can already predict that it will end wrong. When you tell yourself this, I will not succeed. Your body reacts to it immediately. The body becomes less flexible and your reflexes are slower because you have fear in your head. You need to feel relaxed so that the bike can move under you, otherwise your learning is forced and you will need more time to master skills and the chances of fails and crashes are high. As you progress each time with small steps, your self-confidence will grow. In order to build self-confidence, it is important that you do not say bad thoughts to yourself, I cannot do that, I am not capable, I will never progress. You need to think positively and with that your body immediately reacts differently. So you have to take small steps, because you will feel that you can do it. Tell yourself I have the knowledge and skill to do it, and I can do it with a little effort and practice.